Courageous Planning Workshops

Feeling an inner urge to create something new in your life but unsure how to take action? In this workshop, women are invited to bring their inner urge to create something new and learn creative strategies to hatch a unique plan for you to move from ideation to action. This workshop is held 3rd Thursdays for women to get clear on their priorities, learn incredible FUN planning tools, and walk away with a courageous plan.  Sign Up for the Courageous Planning Workshop

Private 1:1 Coaching
Interested in private 1:1 coaching? In this program you work directly, one-on-one, with Becca to create your unique bold brave steps. For women who are READY to take ownership, make decisions to create CHANGE, and step into living a unique brave life. Apply for more information. Space is very LIMITED. Apply for a consult here.

Intensive Strategic Planning 
Life is throwing a LOT at us and space for deep work for ambitious women is RARE. If you are a wellness practitioner, entrepreneur, maker, service-provider, or creative business owner and want to build your business and balance your own self-care and wellness at the same time, let’s hatch an intensive strategic plan for you. Apply for this with an initial walk and talk session, you work with Becca one-on-one to create build your business and maintain your overall self-care. Apply for a free walk and talk session here



Initial Acupuncture Appointment
Your session will begin with an in-depth consultation that results in your personalized Chinese medical diagnosis. Fine, sterile needles are inserted into distinct points along your body’s pathways to create a customized healing balance. 60 minutes $110

Acupuncture Follow-Up Appointment
Follow-up acupuncture appointments will continue your treatment regimen identified in your initial appointment and keep you on the path to a balanced body and mind.

45 minutes $80



Inner Balance Custom Massage
Whether you’ve come for relief from chronic muscle tension, sports injuries, pre or post surgery, emotional stress, fatigue, or just to relax and enjoy our services – our highly trained therapist will integrate therapeutic techniques to restore your natural balance and well-being. Our professional massage therapist will design a massage suitable for your specific pressure and needs.

30 minutes $90  |  45 minutes $110  |  60 minutes $120  |  75 minutes $145  |   90 minutes $165

Massage Enhancements: Aroma | Basalt Stones | Cupping Therapy

Aromatherapy or Herbal Liniment

Enhance your massage treatment by including essential oils and botanical extracts that are blended to increase the benefits of your massage and selected according to your unique needs.

$10 to any custom massage | Reserve your appointment here

Cupping Therapy + Massage

Enhance your massage treatment with Cupping Therapy. Glass cups are placed on specific areas of your body, causing a mild suction which brings healing, oxygen-rich circulation to the area and relieves sore, stiff muscles and pain.

$15 to any custom massage | Reserve your appointment here

Basalt Stone Enhancement

Enhance your massage treatment to include basalt stones to areas of your body to promote circulation, relaxation and invigoration. Cool or hot stones may be used by your therapist to allow a deeper massage without putting too much pressure or stress with heated, or by using cool stones to act as a decongestant.

$10 to any custom massage | Schedule a Custom Massage and note you want to add basalt stones